A New Year Blessing

On the precipice of great change in 2017, may we be blessed.

May we go within and be still.  May we take time for ourselves to contemplate, reflect, meditate, muse, feel deeply, heal, create, play and release. May we lighten up and let go of our fears and memories from the past and come into this moment more completely.

In 2017, may we choose a fresh start–a clean slate–in life, love, relationships, and all that brings us meaning and joy. May we leave behind all the limiting beliefs about ourselves and others, and step forward into our highest individual and collective potential.

As we begin this New Year, let us see the big picture and let go of the little things.   May we envision a new earth and a global culture that works for all beings. May we experience humanity as mindful, conscious, kind, compassionate, harmonious, generous and loving—very loving.

In 2017, may we enjoy freedom, sovereignty, celebration and joy. May we know comfort in times of grief, and feel fully supported and guided in times of change—as locations, jobs, and relationships evolve and shift for us and those we love. May we feel safe and have our needs met as outdated models, systems and structures evolve and change around us.

In 2017, may we minimize distractions and rest in the present moment, creating more presence. May we learn to go with the flow, and when things don’t go as planned, may we trust there is something better that will result. May we know the benevolent Universe has our back and blessings are unfolding all around us every day.

In this New Year, may we live and work in peace, resonance, and beauty. May we follow our hearts and know this as our new normal—our new way of being on earth. May we understand how every thought, word and deed really matters, and may we always choose love.

In this New Year, let us claim our blessings and miracles. As we serve others for the GOOD of the WHOLE, may we be blessed and be a blessing for others.



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