Goodbye, Darkness

Goodbye darkness, our old friend

Hello Love, welcome in

Your beauty rises amidst an ugly intruder

In service of evolution; restoring balance

We are your lifeblood, body, light

We are waking, we remember

Hello, Love

We feel your emergence from the dark shadows

While fear and anger rise in response

To the presence of a stranger

We’re sorry. We were marginally prepared

Yet, we are your collective immune response

Waking together, we now wage Peace

An indomitable force for Love

Rising up to infuse this foreign guest

That tries to extinguish our light

Hello, Love

Good-bye greed, hatred, and bigotry

Return to light and rest with the others

We’re sorry we fell asleep

Forgive us

Our silence must have sounded like an invitation

Our ignorance like a welcome mat

As we bid good riddance,

We extend our deepest gratitude

Greed, pride, lust, and envy,

We thank you for reminding us

To love more, care, and share

Thank you for showing us our

Prudence, justice, and temperance

Good-bye darkness, our old friend

We’ve returned to Love and Light

Farewell gluttony, wrath and sloth

We give you thanks for moving us

Into action, compassion and courage

You see, when courage found her voice

Faith, hope and charity returned

Now we sing, chant and even pray together

As one. We slumber no more

Good-bye darkness, our old friend

Thank you. We’ve learned to Love again



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