Forgive Me. I Have not Loved You Perfectly


woman light flow free wp

Forgive me. I have not loved you perfectly


When I get myself out of the way

Allowing Great Love to flow through me,

You inevitably feel the Presence of Great Love

In me, as me


Yet, when I become aware of my human limitations,

I sometimes turn my attention toward the imperfection,

And, unknowingly, create constriction… kinks…

Blocking the flow of that Great Love


Not only do I feel the dwindling trickle, I’m sure you do, also


To be a clear channel, and love you more completely

I will keep my attention on the Flow —

Allowing my human imperfection and limitations

To “just be” in the flow of Loving Presence with me

For there, they are loved into dissolution and I am healed


We can not contain Infinite Love in finite form

But we can become it!

Great Love wants to flow endlessly free

Moving in, around and through us – as us


I invite you into the Flow, yet I can’t give you Great Love

You have to allow it yourself

I will simply remind you to get out of the way

And then, our love will be made perfectly Whole


by Julie Krull


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