shhh, i hear a knocking

door color

Guest Blog by Dr. Mitch Tishler


Shhh, I hear a knocking

from a distant place behind my heart.

Listen — a knocking.

Welcome, come in, I offer with outstretched arms.

As I open my heart I sense

the ethereal movement of joy

welling up as tears of love.

Initially, only vaguely familiar

(from that very distant place).

Then, with imperceptible movement

becoming more present until

finally, uncontainably, flowing over

and passionately caressing

the place where light becomes form.

What, I ask, is this knocking?

Oh, it is me.

What about this knocking? Why is it that we don’t listen to its calling? Quietly pause for a moment. Invite yourself to reflect on specific experiences when you felt something in your chest area, in your belly area that spoke to you. Your ‘Inner Voice’, the place of knowing, calling out requesting to be acknowledged, to be expressed. And yet, we don’t listen. Instead, we hide! Why is it that we hide… from ourselves?

With a gentle exhale let the medicine in these words wash over us as a compassionate reminder that ‘It’s about opening up to what I already am’ and being the fullest expression of self.  Oh, it is me.

Guest Blog by Dr. Mitch Tishler,


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