We Are Profoundly Inter-Connected

The following is an excerpt from “The First Assumption” in the book The Trust Frequency by Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow: “We Live in a Conscious, Loving Universe”


The Universe is anything but an inert, lifeless machine.  It is conscious. It is super-conscious. It is Consciousness itself. It is not only alive, It is Life itself. It is not only loving, It is Love itself. Now, we do understand that this is suspiciously close to what the animists, the Hindu rishis, the gurus ad the founders of the world’s great religions have said from the start. We confess. This is not an original concept, but that’s OK with us. In fact we feel validated, re-assured, to have the support not only of the world’s most intrepid scientific thinkers, but also of the world’s wisest spiritual visionaries and of the world’s most ancient people.

Both quantum science and shamanic spirituality, as well as the world’s mystical traditions, not to mention ancient “primitive” animism, say that we are deeply inter-connected, that some invisible matrix (the word means “mother,” incidentally) exists throughout the universe, that our every thought contributes to the All-That-Is, and that we matter. We are important. Without us, nothing happens. Every part is essential to the whole. In a holographic universe, such as the one we inhabit, every part is the whole. There is no such thing as separation. Separation is a man-made, doubt-based concept. It is completely imaginary, although it appears very real in the lower frequencies.

Crazy, no? Taking the discussion to its logical conclusion, we see that this all-connecting, all-inclusive matrix, which has been known intuitively since the dawn of time, is precisely equivalent to what science calls the Unified Field, (or better yet, the Quantum Vacuum – don’t you love that term?) which is precisely equivalent to what the Hindu’s call Akasha, Brahma or Atman, which is precisely equivalent to what the Native Americans call the Great Spirit, which is precisely equivalent to what the Jews, Christians and Muslims call Jahweh, God or Allah, which is precisely equivalent to what the Zulus call Nkulunkulu and Yoda calls The Force.  We choose to call “It” the Conscious Living Universe, a term that is not burdened by the baggage accumulated by centuries of organized religion, and thus free of divisive exclusivism and dogma.

Science and religion are not really separate, except in the fragmented, compartmentalized, left-brain dominated mind of post-modern industrialized homo sapiens.  So, boldly traveling in the opposite direction, let us ask ourselves:  if the founders of the great world religions are correct in their assertion that “God is Love,” and if “God” is in fact identical with the Quantum Field as understood by science, and if the Quantum Field is in fact All-That-Is, namely the Universe, then the logical, analytical mind can only come to one conclusion:  the Universe is Love. Ergo, the Universe loves us! How could It do anything else? There is no rational alternative.

From the highest perspective, there is nothing but Love. Consequently, we are Love! We are loved. We are Love, Lover and Beloved, undivided, inseparable, indistinguishable. This understanding is the single most healing revelation available to us. It changes everything.

Image: Cameron Gray


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