Uniting the World in Breathing Together as One Human Family

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The greatest unifying power we have is something that is free and available to every human on the planet.  Our ability to breathe together as one human family can awaken empathy for each other; it can mobilize mass demonstrations of unconditional love and has the power to heal the old religious, national and cultural separations that we have seen in our lives on Earth.  Modern science is showing how breathing together syncs our bio-rhythms and has the potential to unify us on the levels of body, mind, heart and spirit.  On November 11th, join the world in taking part in the second annual holiday of breathing together as ONE!

Radio Guests Do As One

Find out more about One Day Events here or on The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected, Tuesday, October 29th at Noon Pacific, 3:00 Eastern.  Visit the Show Page or listen LIVE on Transformation Talk Radio or WBLQ.  Join Jaime and Rabia on Facebook.



Rabia Hayek, CBF, is founder and creator of Do As One and Omnibreath, both of which raise awareness of healthy, conscious breathing. Rabia has created two breathing modalities, The Conscious Flow and Simultaneum methods, which connect people to the knowledge and practice of what he calls Life Force Mastery.  Rabia also created the Conscious Breath Facilitator (CBF) program to teach leaders, healers and peacemakers worldwide how to lead others in breathing together as one.  A TEDx speaker, he has toured the world sharing the immense powers of optimal, conscious and synchronous breathing.

In October 2006, Rabia Hayek had the vision of uniting one billion people in breathing together synchronously. This vision culminated in launching the Universal Breathing Room on doasone.org, where people from around the world can log-in and connect in one powerful breath flow, together as one human family.


Jaime Collaco, CBF, is cofounder and chief ambassador of Do As One and Omnibreath and is a certified Conscious Breath Facilitator. He has studied with renowned spiritual leader and Do As One advisory board member, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, at the Agape International Spiritual Center. Jaime Collaco uses technology and social media outlets to connect with others in an effort to fulfill Do As One’s vision of uniting one billion people to consciously breathe together.


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