We are All One: It’s Not Just an Aphorism ~ by Neale Donald Walsch

jk all one neale donald walsch

God exists, by whatever name you want to call it…

There’s no separation between you and God.  You are a manifestation of the Divine, therefore, God exists in you, as you, and within you and God is having therefore, a conversation with you all the time…

There’s no separation between anything at all.  We are in fact all one, and when we begin to act as if we were all one, act as a singular unit known as humanity, we will find our way to the place that we have been invited to go by life itself from the very beginning…

Very little on our planet is working like it should.  Our political system is not working as it should… our economic system… ecological system… social system… spiritual system… not working to produce the results that were intended.  They are actually producing the opposite of which they were intended to produce…

The economic systems haven’t produced abundance and prosperity for all, but quite the opposite.  The political systems have not produced security and safety for all and cooperation among nations, but quite the opposite and so on…

What is the missing data here that we do not have in hand — the understanding of which, would change everything?  I think the missing data is quite simple.  The missing data is that there is nothing but unity.  We are all one and if we begin to operate politically, economically, socially, environmentally, educationally, and spiritually as if that were true and not just an aphorism or nice statement, but operating as if that were in fact the reality, all of life on earth would change, virtually overnight.

Comments by Neale Donald Walsch on Global Oneness Day, 2013 sponsored by Humanity’s Team and the Association for Global New Thought

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